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GRAIL Photography offers top-tier conceptual photography, branding, and art direction services. Our aim is to engage with you at any point during the creative process, whether it be at ground floor by conceptualizing your brand identity or by working with your team to direct and style a photoshoot for an upcoming print or digital ad that grows your brand.

Our experienced creative team partners with businesses across industries to consult on an array of visual storytelling and branding needs. In addition to branding and art direction, GRAIL Photography also provides needed photography services that could include concept development, creative direction, ad campaign creation, on-site styling support, head shots, and group photographs.

We work with only top-tier commercial photographers that are specialists within industries from food and lifestyle to high-end products and portraiture; and, we have already screened and negotiated licensing agreements so that you own your photography.

GRAIL Photography will work with you to define your visual messaging to ensure a complete and consistent brand identity across all mediums, from print advertising to your social media profiles.

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Meet Paula H. Bennett,
CEO & Founder

Paula H. Bennett is an entrepreneur, attorney, and mother of four boys. After practicing law for 20 years, she was lucky enough to find her passion in publishing and visual storytelling. Paula enjoys working with clients--whose companies are across industries, but fall within the luxury market--to help them visually communicate their companies’ story. As a fourth-generation San Franciscan, she inherited a love of the northern California lifestyle and all it has to offer. When she’s not on a photoshoot with one of her clients that she calls “the creative geniuses,” Paula can be found playing tennis, riding horses, or cross-country skiing with her family in Lake Tahoe.

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